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Client Testimonials

"Since I began working with Kristin and advertising with UP 93.1, a whole new world of possibilities has opened up for my business.

Over the past few months we've been working on a rebranding campaign. Kristin's energy and creativity are infectious and that comes across in my ads. I've had so many people tell me they've come in to my shop because of my radio ads and how they love the sound and feel of them. The style of the ad was something I would never have thought of without Kristin's enthusiasm to try something different. I'm truly looking forward to continuing to grow my business with the help of UP 93.1 and Kristin MacDonald."

-The Downtown Card Shop


"Our work with The New Hot 92.3 and Up 93.1! And their respective teams have been incredible this year. The time and effort they put into our major fundraiser Bowl for Kids Sake, made it one of our most successful to date. We couldn’t have asked for a better organization to partner with as they provided everything we needed in order to create a successful working partnership. We look forward to working with them going forward on many more projects!"

-Aaron McDevitt, Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator


"I have worked with both The New Hot 923 and Up 931 and all I can say is that they continue to impress me with their creativity, originality, friendliness and professionalism. Every event they seem to raise the bar and always exceed my expectations. They are not just clients but they are now family."

-Karen McGeean, Director of Marketing & Development


“ I Recently had the Pleasure of working with Petra from NewCap Radio. What a thrill it was to work with the company and organize an event with them. The amount of Energy the entire NewCap Radio team brings to the table is unbelievable! Definitely looking forward to future business together!”

-Speedway 660


"My name is Rick Topple, owner of the two WINE KITZ Franchises here in the Fredericton area, and as such I rely heavily on the local media outlets to convey my advertisements in a professional and timely manner. Not only has the Newcap group of stations done this exceedingly well, but their creativity has definitely helped boost sales of my products to a much needed younger demographic/clientele in the surrounding areas. Petra Buis has been a superb liaison in helping me with all my advertising needs as well as providing very useful and professionally conveyed information to help me in my decision processes. I certainly appreciate all that she, the creative team she works with and Newcap as a whole, have done for my company."

-Rick Topple, Owner, WINE KITZ


"It’s easy and enjoyable at the same time advertising with NewCap AND our rep Kristin Macdonald. Our business definitely benefits from the scripts that are produced for us. The ads are young, hip and fun yet still represent our business needs exactly.Kristin is very upbeat and enjoyable to deal with. She follows up, keeps me on track, and addresses any changes needed ASAP. Like I said earlier, it’s just always smooth, easy and productive working with NewCap. I must say that my favourite part of working with NewCap is…well, I have 2…The ads and Kristin are AMAZING . 

-Angie Carr, OK Tire


It has been a genuine pleasure dealing with Eric Phillips. He has never pressured me to spend money on advertising I couldn't afford, has always been available to help with advertising needs and has always made mean feel important, even if I didn't have a large advertising budget. His sincere interest in seeing my business succeed is appreciated.

-Brian Smith, Owner, Brunswick Hot Tub



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