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 Advertising FAQs

Should I advertise?

If you have competitors..then YES! It's a necessity that you consistently work at attracting customers, whether it's repeat business or new business, in order to grow your sales. The key is to know how to target your advertising in a way that will convert prospective customers into loyal customers. With a proper advertising campaign you can target the right audience for your business and improve your chances for success.

Is radio right for me?
If people who listen to the radio do business with you, then radio should be part of your advertising strategy. Unlike Newspaper,Television or Yellow Pages, Radio is with us everywhere; in the car, at work, and in the home. Compared to the other media options Radio advertising is the most cost effective media and has better flexibility when it comes to targeting the customers you want. By the way did you know that 91% of adults listen to the radio every week?**RMB.

What about television advertising?
While it can be an effective marketing tool, the cost of producing a good commercial that doesn't look cheap can run thousands of dollars. In addition buying prime time can cost hundreds of dollars for just one thirty-second commercial. To get acceptable frequency and good placement on a popular network or program, can be quite costly which means you'll get less advertising for your dollar.

What about newspaper advertising?
In today’s mobile and fast paced world your customers no longer get all of their information from the newspaper like they used to. As a business owner it no longer has the ability to target your customers as it once did. Additionally, in many instances, controlling the placement of your advertisement within the newspaper can be difficult at best. Plus the chances of your potential customers seeing your ad, amidst all the others, and retaining the information later is much less. Newspaper just can't offer the frequency of radio.

What about yellow pages?
Like newspapers, the yellow pages is primarily an informational rather than motivational medium. The fact is most consumers say they would be more likely to call a business with a yellow page ad AFTER they had previously heard of the business on radio! 

Which Radio station gets the best results?
For best results you should always advertise on a station that matches the target demographic of your product or service.

How long should I advertise?
How long do you plan to be in business? Successful advertising campaigns are consistent and ongoing bringing in a steady flow of new and repeat business. The consequences of advertising only when having a sale is that it trains shoppers to shop with you only when a sale is in progress. Unfortunately a sale means you’re selling merchandise at a lower markup which means you’re making less money. By advertising regularly and building your brand you can give customers a reason to shop with you all the time, not just when you're having a sale.

How much should I spend on advertising?
Working with your sales rep can help you to determine a budget that you’re comfortable with, while providing a sufficient return on your  investment. Radio has the best ROI of any media!

What is co-op advertising?
Co-op advertising is advertising that is paid partially by you and partially by one of your vendors.  Contact your vendors and ask if you have co-op dollars available. You may find you have a hidden gold mine of advertising dollars.

What should I say in my commercial?
Your ad should try to answer these questions:
"Why should someone do business with me?"
"What truly makes me a better choice than my competitors?"
"What makes us special?"
Our goal is to grow your business by helping you to get a larger share of the market's dollars than your competition.

What are the most frequent mistakes advertisers make?
Not having the right level of commitment and focus. Many business owners think they need to do a little of everything instead of doing one thing well. Advertising is like trying to get in shape. Getting started is the hardest part.

How do I get started?
Contact us so we can get the ball rolling. We'll talk with you about what you want to accomplish, and work with you on a customized game plan for your business. Once you agree on the advertising schedule, we will develop a commercial that effectively tells your story or makes the case for your product or service.

Do you have any success stories?
We do! Just contact us for more information. Experience has shown that if you consistently follow the basic rules for successful advertising, your chances for success improve greatly. Our job is to assist you in developing a game plan and to keep you focused on your marketing objectives. This process stacks all the odds for success in your favor.


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